How Do You Make an Inexpensive Peasant Costume?

How Do You Make an Inexpensive Peasant Costume?

Peasant costumes are inexpensive to make due to their simple materials and designs. Peasantry clothing is modest, in terms of both fabrics and style. You can construct an inexpensive peasant costume with a few affordable materials.

Sewing patterns for peasant costumes are available from retailers such as and Vogue Fabrics. Certain fabrics and accessories are ideal for an accurate and cost-effective peasant costume.

Affordable fabrics such as undyed wool, cotton, linen and hemp are representative peasantry textiles. Appropriate trims include grosgrain ribbon, simple embroidery, and rope or hemp for trim or braiding. Acceptable fasteners for peasant clothing are laces and hook-and-eye closures, as well as natural materials such as wood, bone or nuts for buttons.

Color choices for authentic peasant costumes are also understated and simple. Undyed or earth-toned fabrics best represent peasant attire. Natural color choices include off-white, berry, moss green, rust, ocher, cornflower blue and other similar shades.

Ostentatious, ornate clothing and accessories should appear on upper-class costumes, which are more costly to create. Red and black fabrics in materials such as silk, satin and velvet indicate higher classes, and purple represents royalty and clergy. The simple fabrics and materials required for accurate peasant costumes make them an inexpensive choice.