How Do You Make an Indie Game?


In order to create an Indie game, developers need to download production software. Afterwards, they need to create the game using the various options available to them. Then, the game is uploaded to a system for users to purchase or try the game.

  1. Get proper production software

    Most platforms will have their own production software available for indie developers to use. For Xbox Live and Windows phones, this software is the Windows Phone SDK. Developers may want to buy an Xbox LIVE Indie Games subscription at this time so they gain the ability to sell their creations and have access to more resources.

  2. Design the game using other programs

    Games can be developed in a number of different programs and imported into the Windows Phone SDK. Silverlight for Windows Phone or XNA Game Studio 4.0 are both compatible with the production software, and designs can be imported as templates after selecting "New Project."

  3. Upload the game from the PC

    Developers will need to upload their file from the PC to the platform in order to test it before going to the marketplace.

  4. Package the game, and submit it

    After making any final adjustments, developers need to save their game as a specific file type. For Xbox Live, this is a .ccgame file. Then, it is ready to be uploaded to the marketplace.