How Do You Make ID Markings on Glass Bottles?


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To etch identifying marks on glass bottles, create a stencil by using a razor or utility knife to cut the marking out on a piece of adhesive vinyl, place the stencil on the glass bottle, cover the holes in the stencil with glass etching cream, leave the cream on the glass for the amount of time specified in the product instructions, rinse the cream away and remove the stencil. You can also use this technique to create decorative markings.

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Adhesive vinyl sheets for wall art work well for creating stencils for glass etching. It's also possible to use a nonadhesive vinyl sheet covered with the adhesive of your choice. You can draw the marking or design on paper first and then use transfer paper to imprint the marking onto the vinyl. Place the vinyl smoothly onto the glass, and ensure that there are no air bubbles, using a squeegee as necessary to remove bubbles. Use a paint brush or butter knife to spread the etching cream. A sandblaster permits the creation of more elaborate designs.

Amazon.com and EtchWorld.com sell Armour Etch cream, which creates permanent etching on glass items. The product may not be effective on Pyrex. EtchWorld.com also sells glass etching stencils.

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