How Do You Make a Hurricane in a Bottle?

To make a hurricane in a bottle, fill a 2-liter bottle two-thirds of the way with water, use duct tape to connect another 2-liter bottle to the top of that one and invert so the bottle with the water is on top. The water will rush from the top bottle into the bottom one, creating a swirling vortex that resembles a hurricane.

A hurricane, or tornado, in a bottle is a visual representation of how the storm works in nature. The only supplies required for the experiment are two 2-liter bottles, water and duct tape.

Step 1: Prepare the first bottle

Fill one of the 2-liter bottles two-thirds of the way with water. Glitter or food coloring can be added for depth and dimension.

Step 2: Connect the bottles

Connect the mouths of both bottles with duct tape. Line the openings up exactly and wrap duct tape around the mouths until they are sturdy enough to stand alone without assistance.

Step 3: Form the hurricane

To get the hurricane started, simply flip the bottles so the full bottle is on top. It will naturally swirl around, replicating the swirling motion of a hurricane, as it flows into the empty bottle on the bottom. For a more intense spinning action, give the bottle a small swirl or two when it initially begins to pour.