How Do You Make an Hourglass Sand Timer?


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It is possible to make an hourglass sand timer out of materials that many people have around the house. A watch with a second hand or stop watch, sand, clean baby food jars, heavy paper, a hole punch, scissors and masking tape are the required supplies.

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Make sure that the sand is very dry, and pour it into one of the baby food jars. Cut a circle that will fit over the mouth of the jar using the scissors and heavy paper. When the paper is cut out, punch a hole in the center of it with the hole punch and place it on the mouth of the baby food jar. The second baby food jar is placed on top of the first jar so the mouths are aligned. Tape the two mouths together to secure them in place.

After the hourglass is constructed, turn it over, and use the watch to time how long it takes for the sand to move from one jar to the other. Time it a few times to ensure the same amount of time passes for the sand to move from one jar to the other. This will help determine what amount of time passes each time the hourglass is flipped over, which will allow for accurate measurements. It is also possible to remove sand or add more sand to measure different lengths of time.

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