How Do You Make a Horse Race Board Game?

To make a horse race board game, create the game board, any pieces or cards and the rules. Depending on how complicated and professional-looking you want your game to be, the process can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks of work.

  1. Determine the basic gameplay

    Before designing intricate details, you must have an idea or outline for how the game is played. In a horse race game, the objective of the game may be to have your horse finish the race before the other horses or to bet on the winning horse. Think about how turns and rounds are set up. Figure out how much you want strategy or luck to influence each round or each game. Consider moving horses based on dice, cards in hand or random conditions supplied by the board. Think about things that influence a real horse race, such as weather conditions or potential injuries.

  2. Create a prototype

    Design and draw the board, which is most likely a horse-track. Include a way to track points, rank horses or turn order, if necessary. Make sure that all players are able to see and reach any part of the board they need to access. Find or create tokens, dice, cards and other items that might be needed to play the game. For the prototype, you might borrow pieces from other games, such as fake money.

  3. Test the game

    Play your game using the prototype and the rules you created. Figure out if each player has a fair chance at the beginning of each game. Revise your rules or prototype as needed.