How Do You Make Homemade Instruments?


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Gather materials from your kitchen, bathroom and craft cupboard, and add some imagination to make homemade musical instruments. Turn an oatmeal box or coffee can into a drum, a comb covered with tissue paper into a kazoo, paper plates and jingle bells into tambourines and paper tower rolls, waxed paper and rubber bands into horns.

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How Do You Make Homemade Instruments?
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  1. Design a drum

    Decorate a blank sheet of paper to wrap around an oatmeal box or coffee can. Secure with tape, and attach the lid. Use wooden spoons as sticks.

  2. Craft a kazoo

    Wrap a single layer of tissue paper over a hair comb (the bigger the better). Place the comb tissue combo against your mouth, and hum into it to make it sound like a kazoo.

  3. Jingle a tambourine

    Staple two paper plates together with face edges touching. Punch holes through both plates at 2-inch intervals. String bells onto 6-inch pieces of colorful yarn, and tie them onto the tambourine through the holes.

  4. Toot a horn

    With a rubber band, secure a 4-inch-square of waxed paper over the end of a paper towel or toilet paper roll. Simulate fingering valves by punching holes in the side of the paper roll with a pencil or by drawing circles with a marker.

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