How Do You Make Homemade Earrings?

How Do You Make Homemade Earrings?

To make homemade earrings, use jewelry pliers to bend and seal wire into earring designs, thread beads and pendants onto the wire, then close the wire ends with the pliers. You can also make homemade earrings using wire, paper and string.

To begin making homemade earrings, first select the type of earrings you want to make, such as clustered earrings, pendant earrings, head pin earrings or crimp bead earrings.

To make homemade crimp bead earrings, you need beading wire, crimp pliers, wire cutters and round-nosed pliers. You also need jewelry beads, crimp beads and earring wires. Cut two strands of beading wire that are about 2 inches long each. Thread one of these wires through the earring wire and loop it over, leaving one end longer than the other.

Thread a crimp bead onto both jewelry wire ends, and ensure that the bead is pushed as close to the earring wire as possible. Use crimp pliers to close the crimp bead. Next, thread a jewelry bead onto the end of one of the wires with a crimp bead behind it. Close the crimp bead, and follow this pattern until the earring has the desired number of beads on it.

Add more strands by threading jewelry wire through the earring wire, looping it over and closing it with pliers. Trim the lengths of the strands so that each subsequent wire strand is shorter than the other. Repeat the process to create the second earring in the set.