How Do You Make a Homemade Drum?


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Make a homemade drum by attaching fabric to the top of an aluminum coffee can to make a drum head. For this project, gather the following materials: an empty aluminum coffee can with a lid, construction paper, a fabric square, a thick rubber band and white glue. Other necessary items are scissors, yarn, two pencils and two Styrofoam balls, as well as an assortment of feathers, glitter, stickers, pompoms, markers and ribbon for decoration.

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To start, remove the lid of the coffee can and glue construction paper around the sides of the can. Decorate the outside of the drum with the feathers, markers, stickers and other decoration items. Next, glue the fabric square, which should measure about 12 inches on each side, to the lid, and trim off the excess fabric. Place the lid back on the can, and secure it with a rubber band. To hide the rubber band, glue ribbon or yarn over it.

To make drum sticks, push the pencils halfway through the Styrofoam balls to make holes. Put a small amount of glue into the holes, and then place the pencils back into the holes. Finally, cover the balls in glue, and wrap them with yarn. If desired, decorate the pencils as well. Let the glue dry before using the drum sticks.

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