How Do You Make a Homemade Belly Cast?

Make a belly cast by protecting the skin and hair, applying casting strips and removing the dried cast. Reserve an afternoon for creating the cast and several days for it to dry.

  1. Protect the skin and hair

    Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to the skin to be cast, ensuring that the inside of the belly button is coated. Apply plastic wrap over any body hair that the plaster might otherwise trap.

  2. Apply the casting strips

    Cut strips into various lengths. Use longer strips to form the base and shorter ones for details. Dip the strips into water to wet them, and then apply them to the belly. If there are wrinkles in the strip, apply more water and remove them. If necessary, lift up the strip, and reapply it to remove wrinkles. Continue until the entire belly is covered with several layers of strips.

  3. Remove the cast

    The inner layers usually dry by the time the outer layers are applied. Remove the cast and examine it for any thin spots. Reinforce these spots using more strips applied to the outside of the cast.

  4. Allow to dry

    Place the cast in a warm, dry area, with the outer side facing up to dry. After drying the cast, paint it to prepare it for display.