How Do You Make Homecoming Mums?


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To make a homecoming mum, decorate a large circle of cardboard with ribbon, charms, bells and other homecoming-related decorations. Add long ribbon streamers to the bottom of the cardboard, and finish the mum by attaching several chrysanthemums. Glue a pin to the back of the cardboard.

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How Do You Make Homecoming Mums?
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  1. Create the backing

    Cut out a large circle of stiff cardboard or plastic. Glue a sturdy pin to the back of the circle, and allow the glue to dry completely.

  2. Decorate the backing

    Add loops of ribbon or tulle to the edge of the circle. Staple them in place, leaving the raw ends on the front of the circle. For an enhanced appearance, add multiple layers of ribbon. On the bottom of the circle, add numerous lengths of ribbon that hang down approximately three feet. Glue a piece of brightly colored card stock in your school's colors over the raw ends.

  3. Add homecoming-related items

    Glue or staple homecoming-related trinkets to the front of the circle. Consider adding school pennants, images of the school mascot, teddy bears, tiny sports equipment or small pom-poms. Add feathers, bells and any other decorative items that relate to your class or school.

  4. Finish with flowers

    Finish the homecoming mum by stapling on one or two chrysanthemum heads in your school colors.

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