How Do You Make a Hemp Necklace?

How Do You Make a Hemp Necklace?

To make a hemp necklace, tie two different-sized strands to a key ring with a lark's knot, and craft the necklace with a series of square knots. You need hemp twine, scissors, a key ring and beads.

  1. Measure your neck

    Wrap the twine around your neck to take your neck measurement.

  2. Determine how much twine you need

    Add 2 inches to your neck measurement, and then multiply that number by 2. Multiply the current result by 4. This gives you the number of inches you need per strand of twine.

  3. Cut the twine

    Cut two strands of twine to the measurements determined in the previous step.

  4. Fold the strands

    Line up the strands, and center the shorter strand to the longer strand. Fold the strands together.

  5. Tie the strands in a lark's knot

    Pull the crease of the fold under a key ring, and then pull the crease through the ring. Pull the four center strands through the two-strand circle, and then pull on the center strands to tighten the knot to the ring.

  6. Position the strands

    Position the strands so there are two strands in the center and one strand on either side.

  7. Tie the strands in the first half of a square knot

    Lay the left strand over the center strands, and pull the right strand under the center strands. Pull the strands tight.

  8. Finish the knot

    Pull the left strand under the center strands and the right strand over the center strands. Pull the strands tight to finish the square knot.

  9. Tie a series of square knots

    Continue until there are 2 inches of square knots.

  10. Add a bead

    Pull a bead over the center strands, and tie a square knot over the bead.

  11. Continue the necklace

    Tie two 1 1/2-inch rows of square knots, and add a bead after each. Tie a 1/2-inch row of square knots, and add a bead.

  12. Finish the second half

    Follow the steps in reverse to tie the second half of the necklace, ending with the 2-inch row of square knots.

  13. Tie the ends together

    Remove the lark's knot from the key ring, and tie the ends together.