How Do You Make a Helicopter in Minecraft?


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To make a helicopter in Minecraft, use black wool for the landing gear, solid and glass blocks for the body and stone slabs for the propellers. Details such as seating and helicopter controls can be added on the interior, but they are not required.

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A gamer should make sure he or she has mined all of the supplies required before starting a helicopter in Minecraft. The gamer will need black wool, any color block, glass block, cobblestone fence, metal fence and stone slabs.

Step 1: Make the landing gear

Use black wool to make two lines, seven blocks long and three blocks apart. Place one three-block length of black wool to connect them.

Step 2: Make the helicopter's body

Make a box out of any color block. The sides are six blocks long and three high. Place the box on top of the middle piece of black wool. Use glass block to cover the front.

Step 3: Make the tail

Enclose the other end of the box with plain block. Make a tail by placing four blocks extending from the back of the body. Place one block on top of the last piece of the tail, and a notched block next to that. Place a piece of metal fence there for the propeller.

Step 4: Make the top propellers

Place a piece of cobblestone fence in the middle of the top of the helicopter. Use stone slabs to create an "x" shape for the top propeller.

If desired, use steps to make chairs inside the helicopter and a switch or lever for the control. Add a door and a ladder for easy entrance.

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