How Do You Make a Heart Pattern Template?

How Do You Make a Heart Pattern Template?

To make a heart pattern template, fold a sheet of paper in half, and cut teardrop shapes along the folded edge. Each shape unfolds as a symmetrical heart. Place shapes in an alternating pattern on a second piece of paper, and trace around the shapes with a pen.

Remember, when cutting the teardrop shape out of the folded paper, one side of the teardrop shape should be the flat, folded edge of the paper. Trace the heart shapes lightly with a pencil to create the pattern template.

For an easier, pre-made template, visit, and print any of the available heart pattern templates provided.

To reuse the original template heart shapes, cut the shapes out of various colored pieces of folded construction paper. Use a glue stick or photo adhesive to apply the colored hearts to coordinating colored construction paper. Use this newly decorated paper to create greeting cards for anniversaries or Valentine's Day.

To create a heart shape garland, fold a piece of paper horizontally into an accordion. Fold the accordion in half, and cut the teardrop shape. This is not the same as cutting a single teardrop shape out of the original folded sheet. Be sure that at least one small portion of the teardrop shape touches each edge of the folded accordion of paper. Unfold into a heart garland.