How Do You Make a Heart Collage for a Boyfriend?

How Do You Make a Heart Collage for a Boyfriend?

A heart collage is a group of photographs arranged in the shape of a heart. While there are many ways to create such a virtual collage online, you can also create a physical heart-shaped collage as a gift for a boyfriend.

  1. Gather the pictures together

    A heart collage for a boyfriend should include a combination of pictures of the two of you together, objects and events that describe inside jokes that the two of you may have and locations that are particularly memorable to both of you.

  2. Sort the pictures by relative size

    In order to create a collage effectively, sort the pictures by their relative sizes. This is best done by sorting the pictures into piles of small pictures, medium-sized pictures and large pictures.

  3. Arrange the pictures in a heart shape

    Once you have sorted the pictures by size, arrange them in a heart shape. Begin by placing the larger, more significant pictures in the middle. Then, use the small and medium-sized pictures to create the necessary curves of a heart shape.

  4. Attach the pictures to a board or paper

    Once the pictures are in an arrangement that pleases you, place them on a board or large piece of paper. Attach the pictures one at a time by gluing them, taping them or pinning them to the board or paper.