How Do You Make Handprint Art?


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To make hand-print art, prepare the mold for the hand print, mix the plaster, make the hand print, decorate the hand print and release the plaque from the mold. This process takes about 24 hours and requires a plaster mix, water, a foil pie pan, strong cord, a spray bottle, paints and paint brushes.

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  1. Prepare the mold

    Use a foil pie pan about 8 inches wide. Poke two holes in the crease of the pie pan about 1 inch apart. Thread about 12 inches of a strong cord through the holes with the loop on the outside of the pie pan. Allow the ends of the cord to hang inside of the pie pan. Mist the pan with water using the spray bottle.

  2. Make the plaster

    Mix the craft plaster according to the package directions. Use a vessel and utensil that can be thrown away after mixing the plaster. Pour the mix into the mold.

  3. Make the hand print

    Allow the mixture to sit for at least 10 minutes. The plaster should be just firm enough to hold a print. Push your hand into the plaster, and pull it straight out. Allow the plaster to dry for at least 24 hours.

  4. Decorate the hand print

    Paint the plaque, and allow it to dry completely. Use scissors to make a cut on the pie pan between the holes with the cord. Carefully pull the pie pan off of the plaster. Use the loop to hang the plaque.

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