How Do You Make a Handmade Quilt?


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To make a handmade quilt, determine the quilt's size by measuring a flat sheet that fits the bed. Determine the pattern of the quilt, such as a simple row of square pieces, and sketch the design.

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Mark out the cuts on the fabric beforehand with a water soluble marker and a ruler. Use a template to cut the fabric into the desired measurements so all the pieces are consistent. Cut the fabric with an appropriate seam allowance, typically 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Stack the pieces in order based on how they sit from left to right in each row. Place two pieces on top of each other with the front sides facing and sew together on one side at the predetermined seam allowance.

Repeat this step for each block until the row is finished and then start the next row. Iron the seams flat and press each seam allowance in one direction, alternating direction for each row. Connect the first two rows by laying them together with front sides facing and sew the connecting side at the seam allowance. Iron the seam after each row is connected.

Once all rows are sewn, cut a piece of fabric for the back that is the same dimension as the front. Pin them together and sew the pieces using long stitches between each row and column. Use a 2-inch wide fabric to bind the edges of the layers using hand stitching so the seams do not show.

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