How Do You Make Handmade Greeting Cards?


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To make handmade greeting cards, use large scraps of wallpaper and find complementary envelopes. Using a pencil, trace a rectangle on the reverse side of the scraps that is twice the size of the envelopes, minus 1/8 inch around the border. Cut the paper, fold it in half, and flatten it with a heavy book overnight if the paper curls.

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How Do You Make Handmade Greeting Cards?
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Another way to create handmade greeting cards is to use the potato stamping method. Use larger potatoes and miniature cookie cutters to create a stamp. Cut the potatoes in half widthwise and press the flat end over the cookie cutter as it lays flat on an even surface. Press the cookie cutter about 1/2 inch deep and then use a knife to cut away the excess potato around the shape. Remove the cookie cutter.

When working with paper, use pigment-and-dye ink. If working with woven material, use dye-based ink. Always wipe the surface of the potato to remove excess moisture before pressing it into the ink. When using paper for the card, use a piece of felt or a towel under the paper to cushion the surface before stamping the potato on the card. Use multiple potato stamps and various ink colors for a unique design. Add water to the ink for a watercolor effect.

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