How Do I Make Hand Fans?


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Make a fun, colorful hand fan by decorating a piece of paper, folding it back and forth in 1/2 inch sections, and gluing on craft sticks, such as popsicle sticks, for a handle. All you need is a piece of paper, wide wooden craft sticks, glue, tape and colored pencils.

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  1. Decorate the paper

    Decorate a piece of plain white paper using colored pencils. Draw any design you like.

  2. Fold the paper

    After you have finished decorating the paper, pleat it. Start at one end of the paper, and fold over the edge a 1/2 inch. Turn the paper over with the piece still pleated, and fold over another 1/2 inch. Turn the paper back over, and repeat this process until you have pleated the entire piece of paper.

  3. Attach the craft sticks

    Spread glue on the inside of each stick. Leave 1 inch at one end of each stick free of glue, which serves as the handles of the fan when it's finished. Attach the sticks to each end of the paper with the sticks sticking out by 1 inch. Pleat the paper and sticks together, and thoroughly tape the end of the paper together that is sticking up over the craft sticks. Bring the craft sticks together so that they touch to complete the fan.

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