How Do You Make Hand Braided Rugs?


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To create a hand-braided rug, cut long strips of cloth, join them into three continuous lengths, and then braid the strips and stitch the resulting braid together with a needle and a thread. You can form the braid into a coil for a circular shape, or stitch equal lengths of it together for a square rug. You need fabric, a pair of scissors, a ruler, safety pins, and a needle and thread to complete this project.

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First, decide where your braided rug will go, as this will determine its size, shape and color scheme. Select cotton, synthetic or woolen materials such as old sheets and curtains. Clip notches in the fabric at 1 inch intervals to use as a guide for cutting the strips. Fold the raw edges to the center, and fold again. Join the strips end-to-end using a needle and thread to create three continuous lengths.

Roll the lengths into three balls so they won't tangle, and anchor the ends of the strands to a couch, chair, or curtain with a safety pin. Braid the strips, moving the safety pin anchor further down as the braid grows. To make a square or rectangular rug, create a series of braids all the same length, pin along their edges and sew. To create a circular or oval rug, pin one continuous braid into a spiral shape, and sew the edges together. Check fabric stores for cloth remnants at discounted prices for an inexpensive source of fabric for your project.

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