How Do You Make a Halloween Costume?


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To make a superhero Halloween costume, make a symbol out of felt for the front of the costume, glue it into place, and make a cape out of shiny fabric. Modify an eye mask to make it look like a superhero's mask, and finish with leggings and a large belt.

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  1. Make a symbol for the front

    Choose a letter or symbol for the front of the costume. Sketch a template, and trace it onto felt, and then cut it out.

  2. Start the cape

    Cut a shiny fabric into a 36-inch square. Measure down 1 inch on one side. Fold the side over, and press the fold with a cool iron. Sew the flap down, leaving a channel.

  3. Complete the cape

    Cut a ribbon to 24 inches, using one similar to the color of your cape fabric. Attach a safety pin to the end of the ribbon, and use this pin to thread it through the channel.

  4. Set the symbol

    Place the T-shirt flat on a table. Squirt glue on the back of the letter or symbol, using a wooden stick to spread it evenly all over the back. Center it on the front of the T-shirt, and allow it to dry completely. If desired, outline the symbol in fabric paint or glitter.

  5. Cut out a mask

    Select a reflective eye mask. Draw curves on the top to resemble bat wings. Use small, sharp scissors to cut them out.

  6. Put the costume together

    Match the shirt with a pair of leggings. Put on the shirt and leggings, and cinch them with a large belt or swath of fabric. Place the cape around your neck, and put on the modified eye mask.

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