How Do You Make Hair Accessories?


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To make flower and feather hair accessories, make a flower out of circles of light fabric. Glue the flower and feathers to a fabric backing, and secure this cluster to the desired hair accessory.

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  1. Cut circles from fabric

    Make a template of circles in various sizes. Cut out the templates, and use them to cut eight circles from linen or another lightweight fabric.

  2. Prepare to make flowers

    Stack the circles in successive sizes from large to small. Thread a needle with thread the same color as the fabric, making a tailor's knot at the end.

  3. Sew the center

    Push the needle through the center of the stack of circles up from the bottom. Make a tiny stitch in the center by pushing the needle back down. Repeat one more stitch.

  4. Gather the flower

    Fold the stack in half. Baste along the bottom near the fold, and pull to gather. Tie off, and fold the stack in half the other way. Baste along the fold, gather, and tie off. Shape the petals, stitching a few into place if necessary to create volume.

  5. Create a cluster

    Cut a piece of fabric large enough to cover the stitched centers of the flower and the ends of feathers. Cut a piece of backing to this size, and stitch to the fabric. Use hot glue to attach the flower and feathers to this fabric backing. Allow the piece to dry completely.

  6. Attach the cluster

    Choose the desired hair accessory, such as an alligator clip, barrette or headband. Use hot glue to attach the cluster to the accessory.

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