How Do You Make a Gun Stock?


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The easiest way to make a gun stock is to cut, drill, sand and seal a semi-inlet stock blank made from a template. The required supplies are a wooden semi-inlet stock blank, a padded bench vise, a Dremel tool with a wood rasp attachment, bedding epoxy, sandpaper, a wooden sanding block, a putty knife, wood sealer, wood polish, liquid wax, several clean cloths and a small foam paintbrush. This project takes about one week.

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How Do You Make a Gun Stock?
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  1. Secure the stock

    Secure the stock in a padded bench vise.

  2. Sand the wood

    Sand the stock with a Dremel tool fitted with a wood rasp attachment. Make the edges crisp. Wrap a piece of fine-grained sandpaper around a wooden sanding block, and lightly sand the flat areas until they are smooth.

  3. Apply sealant

    Apply three coats of clear oil sealant. Sand each dried coat, and then apply the next. After sanding the third coat, apply four coats of clear Polyurethane finish. Sand the first three coats after they dry, but do not sand the fourth. Let the stock dry for three days.

  4. Polish and wax the stock

    Apply polish with a soft cloth, and rub the stock until it absorbs all of it. Wax the stock with a liquid glaze, and buff it with a clean cloth.

  5. Level the bedding

    Coat the stock's bedding with a thin layer of epoxy putty. Severely uneven areas require multiple coats.

  6. Test the bedding

    Insert the metal components into the stock. If the fit is loose, add more epoxy putty to the bedding. Once the putty dries, the stock is ready to use.

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