How Do You Make a Grasshopper Costume?

Making a grasshopper costume takes approximately one hour and requires the following materials: green pajamas or sweat suit, six 12-inch by 18-inch sheets of green craft foam, fabric glue, hot glue, a headband or hat, two green pipe cleaners and face paint. The keys to a successful grasshopper costume are the wings and the hind legs, so devote extra care to those parts.

  1. Cut the foam

    Out of the green foam, cut one shoulder piece, an oval measuring 16 inches by 7.5 inches, a 13-inch long body segment that tapers at the end and two leg pieces measuring 8 inches by 3.5 inches that taper at both ends. Also use the foam to craft two wings, using a grasshopper image as inspiration.

  2. Glue the foam to the costume

    Start by gluing the shoulder piece across the shoulders using fabric glue. Use a glue gun to fasten the body segment at the shirt's waist and the wings to the underside of the shoulder section. Use the fabric glue again to attach the leg pieces to the green pants.

  3. Fashion the antennae

    Use the hot glue gun to fasten the pipe cleaners to the headband or hat, approximately 6 inches apart. Bend the pipe cleaners to resemble antennae.

  4. Paint the face

    Use face paint to complete the grasshopper costume. Paint the whole face green, leaving a circle around each eye. Paint black inside the circles. Wear green or brown shoes.