How Do You Make a Grapevine Wreath?


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Make a grapevine wreath by purchasing a premade grapevine wreath from a craft store and decorating it or by gathering grapevines and shaping them into a wreath. To collect grapevines for a wreath, clip them off using pruning shears, making sure to preserve the curls. Lay out several vines in a parallel design, and wrap them together around your hand and forearm to form a circle, twisting and tucking as you go. Secure the vines together using wire or twine.

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To decorate the grapevine wreath, decide on a theme, and gather together the necessary ribbons, dried flowers, berry branches and ornamental winter fruit. Depending on the time of year, you can also use flowers and foliage from your own garden. Prepare the flowers by snipping the real or artificial flowers from the stem, leaving several inches that can be tucked inside the grapevines. For a more secure fit, tie the stems into the wreath using floral wire.

Start with one type of berry or flower, and space the decorations at the desired locations throughout the wreath. Move on to another type of plant, or add some dried flowers and fruit such as kumquats. To make an easy, autumn-themed wreath, purchase several mini plastic or real white or orange pumpkins, and glue the bottoms of the pumpkins to the wreath.

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