How do you make a good Pok��mon card online?


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One method of making a Pok��mon card online is to use the card builder on MyPok��Card.com. Use the image of a Pok��mon, a photo of yourself or any other image to create the card.

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From the site's home page, begin by choosing a type of Pok��mon for the card, such as Fire, Water or Fighting. Also choose the series, enter the name of the Pok��mon, and select a number of hit points. Upload a JPEG file for the image to complete this step. Choose the evolution stage from the drop-down menu, and input the name of an attack, such as agility or flamethrower, under Attack 1. Select the amount of damage, and write a description of how the attack is carried out. Choose up to four energy symbols from the ones provided, selecting the Pok��-Power or Pok��-Body icon, if desired. Repeat this process for Attack 2.

Enter the name of the illustrator, and enter the Pok��mon's weakness and resistance types, as well as retreat cost. After generating the image, save the image to your hard drive, place it into a word processor, and adjust the size before printing the card using a color printer. Glue the paper onto a trading card or a piece of cardboard to complete the Pok��mon card.

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