How Do You Make a Good Pokémon Card Online?


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One method of making a Pokémon card online is to use the card builder on MyPokéCard.com. Use the image of a Pokémon, a photo of yourself or any other image to create the card.

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From the site's home page, begin by choosing a type of Pokémon for the card, such as Fire, Water or Fighting. Also choose the series, enter the name of the Pokémon, and select a number of hit points. Upload a JPEG file for the image to complete this step. Choose the evolution stage from the drop-down menu, and input the name of an attack, such as agility or flamethrower, under Attack 1. Select the amount of damage, and write a description of how the attack is carried out. Choose up to four energy symbols from the ones provided, selecting the Poké-Power or Poké-Body icon, if desired. Repeat this process for Attack 2.

Enter the name of the illustrator, and enter the Pokémon's weakness and resistance types, as well as retreat cost. After generating the image, save the image to your hard drive, place it into a word processor, and adjust the size before printing the card using a color printer. Glue the paper onto a trading card or a piece of cardboard to complete the Pokémon card.

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