How Do You Make Glow-in-the-Dark Bubbles?


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To make glow in the dark bubbles, mix a solution that is one part bubble solution and one part glowing solution. You need bubble solution, a bubble wand, a knife, a disposable cutting board, a yellow, orange or green highlighter pen, gloves, two small cups and a black light.

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  1. Make the glowing solution

    Fill one small cup with water. Put the gloves on your hands. Place the highlighter pen on top of the cutting board. Use the knife to cut the highlighter pen in half. Locate the felt stick inside the highlighter pen, and pull it out. Place the felt stick in a small cup of water. Allow the felt stick to soak in the water before mixing.

  2. Formulate the glow in the dark bubble solution

    Fill half of the second small cup with bubble solution. Remove the felt stick from the cup of water. Fill the rest of the second cup with the glowing solution. Mix the two solutions together.

  3. Blow the glow in the dark bubbles

    Plug in the black light, and turn it on. Use the wand to collect the glow in the dark bubble solution. Blow bubbles near the black light, but not too close to avoid causing any issues.

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