How Do You Make Giant Stuffies?


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To make a giant 8-foot squid stuffie, create the patterns of squid tentacles, body, fin, head and eyes by drawing them out on a paper, and cutting them out. Attach the fabric to the patterns, and cut the fabric. Be sure to leave about half an inch of extra fabric around the edges of the patterns. Sew and stuff the squid parts, and then sew all of them together.

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To make the stuffie, you need 1 yard of polka dot fabric, 2 yards of felt, 1 piece of black felt, 1 piece of white felt, some white and black thread, and some thread of the same color as the felt. You also need some pins, 5 pounds of stuffing and several big sheets of paper to draw the pattern on.

To make the tentacles, pin a piece of patterned fabric to a piece of felt so that the right sides of the fabrics are facing inside. Sew the edges, leaving the top open, then turn it inside out, and stuff. Do the same thing with the fins, except with the pieces of the same fabric. When sewing the body, make sure to put the curvy edges of the fins between the layers of fabric.

Lay the tentacles out on the piece of fabric that is supposed to make a head; top seams should be in a line half an inch from the top of the head. Pin them in place, and sew them to the head. Sew together the two head pieces, turn them inside out, and stuff them. Put the stuffie together, and sew the eyes on it.

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