How Do You Make a Ghillie Suit?


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To make a ghillie suit, use dental floss to sew 2-foot long strips of replacement fish netting to a military-style camouflage jacket, allowing 6 to 8 inches between each strip. Apply shoe glue to each stitch of dental floss, and allow the glue to dry. Unravel braided jute or burlap to make strands of the material, and bundle the strands into groups of 10 to 15. Loop the bundles around the nylon netting to secure them to the jacket.

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How Do You Make a Ghillie Suit?
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Begin attaching the bundles at the bottom of the jacket, and work upward. Check the strands to ensure they overlap after tying them in place, and cut the strands so they are the same length. Alternately, remove the shoulder straps from a decoy bag. Measure the bottom of the bag, and divide it into thirds. Cut the center section of the bag open to create a neck hole.

To make the arm holes, measure 10 to 14 inches from the bottom of the bag, and cut the openings along the side of the bag at the desired place.

Sew nylon netting to the bag, and cut jute or burlap twine into 10 to 14-inch strips. If desired, dye the strips. Allow the twine to dry after dying it, and make bundles of four to eight strands of twine. Tie the bundles of twine to the nylon netting using a square knot.

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