How Do You Make a George Washington Wig?

A simple replica of George Washington's hairstyle can be made by stapling a paper structure around the head and attaching cotton balls. Contrary to popular assumption and the fashion at the time, George Washington did not actually wear a wig himself. Instead, he tied his naturally light brown hair in a queue (a kind of braided hairstyle that was also popular in China, where it was considered a symbol of submission) and powdered it white.

Materials required for this project are white construction paper, extra large cotton balls, a pencil, ruler, scissors, stapler and school glue (or PVA).

Step 1: Create a paper ring

Cut two strips from the construction paper, each 2 inches wide and end-to-end as long as the head is around its upper circumference. Make sure that the strips fit the top part of the head snugly before stapling them together as a ring.

Step 2: Attach "cross beams"

Again with the stapler, attach additional 2-inch strips to the ring so that they span across head. When they cover the head completely, they should form a kind of dome-shaped hat.

Step 3: Attach the "hair"

Apply glue to the paper and attach the cotton balls. Keep attaching them until the paper is completely covered.

Step 4: Leave to dry

Allow the glue time to dry before wearing the wig.