How Do You Make a Genie Costume?


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Make a girl's genie costume by taking a pink, purple or blue long sleeve shirt, cutting off the bottom half and slitting it up the front to make a jacket. Wear the jacket over a full body jumper in a complementary color. Make a headpiece by cutting off the bottom two to three inches of a gold birthday hat and attaching bright silk scarves that flow down the back. Decorate the jacket and jumper with gold tape, stickers and fasteners.

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To create a genie costume more appropriate for teen or adult women, wear a mid-drift baring shirt, bikini top or sports bra, decorated with fake jewels, gold tape and coins. For the bottom of the costume, wear baggy sweat pants, drawn in at the waist and ankle. Tie your hair in a ponytail at the top of your head, attach a silk scarf to one side, drape it under your chin or across your mouth, and attach it to the other side of the hair tie. Wear flat shoes, such as ballet slippers, and accessorize the outfit with a belt, bangles and earrings.

To make a genie outfit for a boy or man, replace the top with a vest decorated with gold braiding. Wear a fez on your head to complete the look.

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