How Do You Make Garland Out of Ribbon?


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Make a garland out of ribbon by tying ribbon pieces around a piece or rope and then hanging the garland on a wall as a decoration. You need dozens of pieces of ribbons, the number of which depends on how long and full you want the garland to be. Either use different colors, designs and styles for a whimsical garland, or choose particular pieces for a thematic look.

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Starting at one end of the rope, fold a piece of ribbon with the folded side behind and slightly above the rope. Pull the ribbon ends up and over the rope and through the ribbon loop. Bring the ribbon ends down, and pull it tight. Repeat the process for the rest of the ribbons. After you're finished, trim the ends of the ribbon to an equal length.

To hang the garland, tape the ends of the rope, or hot glue them to prevent fraying. Tie a piece of tulle or ribbon just below the tape on the ends, and fold the rope end back to form a loop. Wrap one side of the ribbon around the loop several times, and then bring it through the rope loop. Tie it to the other side of the ribbon. Cover both knotted ends of the rope with fresh pieces of ribbon.

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