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To make a game, develop an idea into a set of rules with defined goals and a scoring system. Next, choose an appropriate software application for the type of game being developed. Use the application to program the game.

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From a programmer's point of view, a video game is a set of instructions, or a program. This program defines the rules for the computer to interact with the user during a specific game. This includes programming visuals, audio, and actions of the characters in the game. There are numerous programming languages and game design software applications with which to do the programming.

  1. Develop an idea for a game
  2. There are games in existence on every possible topic and activity: role-play, gambling, history and singing. Brainstorm ideas about a new exciting game. Design the rules of the game, which should include scoring and goals.
  3. Choose game design software
  4. Nowadays there is no need to know a programming language, as many software applications are available for designing games. These applications provide templates upon which a game is built. Many are free. Although the ease of use makes these applications attractive, they also present limitations, which depend on their underlying platforms. This means that when choosing game design software, there is a need to consider its specialty. There are specific design software applications for role-playing games, fighting games, adventure games and other types of games.
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