How Do I Make a Game Wheel?

How Do I Make a Game Wheel?

To make a game wheel, gather your materials, drill a hole halfway through the board in one corner, glue a dowel into the hole, paint the board and turntable, add the nails, attach the turntable to the board and fasten a zip tie to the dowel. This process takes about three hours and requires a pre-made turntable, a board slightly larger than the turntable, paint, a small dowel, a zip tie, 1-inch nails, a hammer and heavy-duty glue.

  1. Attach the dowel

    Drill a hole in one corner of the board. The hole should not go all the way through the board. Glue the dowel into the hole.

  2. Paint the board and turntable

    Cover the board and turntable in one color, and allow these to dry completely. Paint lines in a different color across the turntable to divide the wheel into sections. Paint or write the category or prize labels in the sections.

  3. Add the nails

    Put the nails into the board on the painted lines. Place the nails about 1 inch from the outer edge of the wheel.

  4. Attach the turntable

    Glue or screw the turntable to the center of the board. Fasten a zip tie around the dowel to catch the nails in the wheel as it spins.