How Do You Make a Game Show Buzzer?


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To make a game show buzzer, gather one 2-by-3-inch floor drain, one 2-inch and one 3-inch PVC end cap, two alligator clips, and one sheet of tin from a craft store. Take the floor drain, and connect the 2-inch end cap with 2-inch pipe.

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Using 1-inch foam, cut a donut that is the same size as the 2-inch end cap. Cut the hole in the center with an electric knife for a better outcome. Cut two thin strips from the tin sheet, and then cut one clip from the alligator clips. Using a soldering iron, solder one end of the clip onto the end of one of the tin strips and repeat with another clip end on the second strip. Once soldered, shape one tin strip to fit the top of the 2-inch end cap, and hot glue it into place.

Hot glue the foam donut on top of the tin strip on the 2-inch end cap. Take the second tin strip, and glue it on top of the foam donut with the wired end bent over the side of the donut. Position it where the two strips touch at the donut's center when the buzzer is depressed. Place the 3-inch end cap over the foam. Now take the other end of both alligator clips and attach them to a circuit board.

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