How Do You Make Fused Glass Pendants?


There are many ways to make fused glass pendants, and the easiest involves placing a piece of fiber shelf paper between two identical glass pieces, fusing the glass in a kiln and stringing a cord or chain through the cooled pendant. The required supplies are fiber shelf paper, two identical pieces of colored glass, scissors, a soft cloth, a glass kiln, a kiln-washed shelf, a toothpick and a cord or chain. Each pendant takes roughly 10 minutes to assemble; the firing and cooling times depend on the kiln size and manufacturer.

  1. Prepare the shelf paper

    Cut a piece of fiber shelf paper that measures 1 inch by 1/8 inch by 1/8 inch.

  2. Polish the glass

    Select two identical glass pieces that are 3/4 inch long and 1 1/2 inches high. Polish the pieces with a soft cloth.

  3. Stack the glass

    Lay one glass piece on a flat surface. Set the paper strip on top, about 3/8 inch from the top edge. Place the second glass piece over the paper.

  4. Fire the pendant

    Set the glass stack on a kiln-washed tray, and insert it into the kiln. Watch the pendant through the kiln's viewing window, and remove it when the top piece of glass folds over the fiber paper.

  5. Cool the pendant

    Turn off the kiln, and wait for it to return to room temperature. Remove the pendant, and poke a toothpick into one end of the fiber paper strip. Push on the toothpick until the paper pops out of the pendant. Thread a cord or chain through the channel.