How Do You Make Funny Images?

Artists can create funny images by illustrating jokes or political situations and by drawing caricatures of celebrities or friends and family. Cartoonists and illustrators such as Tom McLaughlin and Tom Richmond have created free tutorials for drawing funny images.

Featured on The Guardian's website, Tom McLaughlin's tutorial illustrates how to draw a political cartoon. McLaughlin includes detailed visual representations of each step, including finding reference photos, sketching, inking and adding color. Other keys to creating a funny and effective political cartoon include understanding and properly analyzing the current or historical situation the artist wishes to satirize. The artist can apply similar techniques to illustrate jokes and create single- or multi-panel comic strips.

Tom Richmond's website includes a series of tutorials illustrating how to draw a caricature, which is a portrait that accentuates and exaggerates certain features for comedic effect. Richmond, who is well known for his Mad Magazine caricatures, explains that a good likeness is the most important part of a successful caricature. Although some features in a caricature are exaggerated, all the features must still fit together to effectively illustrate the subject matter. To illustrate this, Richmond offers a series of sketches showing how elements like basic face shapes relate to finished caricatures.