How Do You Make a Funky Chicken Pincushion?


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To make a chicken pincushion, first cut one section of jumbo rick-rack, fold in half, and trim. This serves as the chicken's beak. To make the chicken's comb, cut another section of jumbo rick-rack, and trim. Take one 3 and 1/2" to 5" fabric square, and lay it out face up.

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Next, pin or glue baste the beak near the top of the left side of the square, and pin or glue baste the comb in the top left corner of the square. Take another square of the same size, and place it over the comb and beak, with the two right sides of the squares facing each other. Pin the squares together, then stitch the squares together around the edges leaving a 1/4" seam allowance. Start stitching in the corner opposite of the corner in which the beak and comb are located. Allow for an opening at the bottom in which you can turn the chicken right side out. Keep the last side open.

Next, pin or glue baste the tail pieces together. Place the tail piece in the chicken's open seam between the two squares. Center the tail, and line up the top and bottom seams. This should form a pyramid shape. Pin and then stitch along this seam. Trim, then turn the chicken right side out using the opening. Stuff the chicken with the desired filling such as rice or ground walnut shells. Hand stitch the opening closed. To make eyes for the chicken, poke pins in the correct spot, or sew on small beads.

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