How Do You Make Funky Beaded Door Curtains?


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To make beaded door curtains, measure the inside length and width of the doorway and cut a dowel to the width of the door plus four inches. Mark the dowel where the eyelet hooks for the beads should go. Outline the desired bead pattern on a piece of paper, and then string the beads onto nylon, tying off each end. Hang the dowel on the top of the door, and attach the strands of beads to the eyelet hooks.

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How Do You Make Funky Beaded Door Curtains?
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The type of bead on the curtain determines the curtain's style. To make a curtain with a "hippie" look, use plastic beads of different colors, shapes and sizes. This type of bead curtain was popularized in the 1960s. Add metallic beads, and spray paint the dowel silver or gold to add flair to the look.

For a more refined bead curtain, choose high-quality beads that match the color scheme of the room. Using high-quality wooden, bamboo or ceramic beads gives the curtain an upscale look, making it appropriate for formal settings such as a home office or sitting room.

Another method of creating beaded curtains is making the curtains display a desired image by planning bead placement. Use each bead to shape the image, placing each one so that it is part of the bigger picture of the curtain. Examples of images made with beaded curtains include flowers, a snowflake and meerkats.

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