How Do You Make the "Frozen" Olaf Character Costume?

How Do You Make the "Frozen" Olaf Character Costume?

To make a Olaf character costume from "Frozen," make a hat by cutting two eyebrows and two eyes from black fabric, two eyes from white fabric, a nose from orange fabric and a tooth from white felt. Cut buttons for the shirt and pieces of iron-on adhesive for each fabric piece, and attach the pieces to the hat and shirt. Add brown pipe cleaners to the top of the hat to complete the costume.

Alternatively, use the templates from the Catching Up With Kate website to create an Olaf costume. To make the head, cut foam in 4-inch thick pieces, and glue them to a bicycle helmet. Attach the main fabric to the foam, and then sew the eyebrows, eyes, nose, muzzle and teeth. Apply the facial features to the head piece.

To make the chest, use the template to cut foam for the front, back and sleeves of the chest piece. Glue fabric to the foam, sew the top of the shoulder area together, and add sleeves. Sew the side seams to complete the chest piece. Make the lower body by cutting six foam and six fabric pieces. Sew the foam together, and then glue on the fabric.

Make gloves by cutting two pieces of fabric into a glove shape and then sewing them together. Do this twice to create two gloves. Cut fabric using the button template, fold the fabric into a half dome, and then sew it into a circle to create three-dimensional coal buttons.

Cut and glue foam and fabric using the template to make the legs. Adjust the leg height as necessary.