How Do You Make Front Door Wreaths?


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To make a wreath for your front door, begin by untwisting the body of a wire hanger, leaving the hook intact. Shape the hanger into a circle and wind the end of the hanger around the base of the hook. The circle does not need to be perfect as the wire is just the base structure for the material of the wreath.

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How Do You Make Front Door Wreaths?
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Cover the wire circle with newspaper and tape the newspaper with masking, electrical or duct tape. Use a hot glue gun to secure stems of evergreen hedges or trees that are still full and green to the newspaper. First, apply a few beads of glue to the base of the stem and then to the top and middle of the stem before pressing it against the newspaper. Repeat with more stems of greenery around the entire circle.

Once you are satisfied with the fullness of the wreath, add decorative elements to it, such as pinecones, berries, ornaments, ribbons and bows. Use the hot glue gun to add a few beads of glue to the base of the decoration and press it firmly into place for a few moments on any exposed portion of the newspaper or tape. Using a 6-inch piece of velvet or ribbon, apply a line of glue to the back of it and wrap it around the coat hanger hook from the base to the end. Secure the ends of the ribbon with a few beds of glue and press them into the wire or tuck them into the fold of the wreath.

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