How Do You Make a Frankenstein Costume?

How Do You Make a Frankenstein Costume?

Make a Frankenstein costume by painting your face green and wearing black sweatpants, a black T-shirt, a long-sleeve green shirt, green socks and black shoes. You need a plastic milk jug, glue, two milk jug caps, gloves, green spray paint, red acrylic paint, burlap fabric, jute twine and green facepaint.

  1. Make the headpiece

    Cut off the top of a plastic gallon milk jug at just below the handle. Cut each side of the jug bottom so that it fits on top of your head. Glue the milk jug caps to the side of the headpiece, around where your ears would be. Paint the headpiece green, and once it is dry, paint a red scar on it. If your gloves are not green, paint them green and leave them to dry.

  2. Cut and fray the sweatpants

    Cut a few inches off the bottom of your black sweatpants, and cut the material into a fringe. Glue it to the top of the headpiece. Fray the bottom of your sweatpants. You can also fray the sleeves of your T-shirt.

  3. Make the tunic

    Use burlap for the tunic, folding it in half and cutting a hole in the center so you can fit your head through it. Pull threads from the edges of the burlap, fraying it as you have done with your sweatpants and T-shirt.

  4. Wear the right clothes, and finish with facepaint

    Wear black sweatpants, a green shirt and black T-shirt, green socks, black shoes and your tunic. Finish with green facepaint and the headpiece.