How Do You Make Flying Paper Lanterns?

How Do You Make Flying Paper Lanterns?

Create a flying paper lantern by assembling a bamboo paper candle lantern frame and covering the frame in tissue paper. A tea light candle or ethanol-soaked cotton balls may be used to raise the lantern into the air.

  1. Assemble a bamboo paper candle lantern frame

    Bamboo candle lantern frames are available at most party supply and outdoor lighting stores and are packaged as part of the frame kit. They are lightweight, biodegradable and ready to assemble. Expand the lantern frame, and place the stabilizing bamboo in place to keep the frame open.

  2. Cover the bamboo paper candle lantern frame in tissue paper

    Choose tissue paper or a tissue paper candle lantern globe, and cover the frame. If tissue paper is used, connect the pieces of tissue paper with white glue to hold them together, and cover the frame. Spray the tissue paper or tissue globe with flame-retardant spray, and allow it to dry.

  3. Light the candle and send the paper lantern into flight

    Take the assembled flying candle lantern outdoors to an open area. Attach a fishing line or string to the lantern so it doesn't fly into other yards or property. Light the candle carefully and allow it to raise the flying paper lantern. Retrieve the lantern when the flame has died.