How Do You Make Flowerpot Men?


The materials you need for a flowerpot man include 12 6-inch pots, 12 8-inch pots, two 12-inch pots and one 10-inch pot, paint, acrylic sealer, strong glue, about 6 square feet of 3-inch-thick foam, rope, chain or thick wire, a paint brush, a knife and scissors. Each different type of flowerpot forms a different body part on the flowerpot man.

Paint the pots as desired, and seal them with acrylic sealer. Cut the styrofoam into 3-inch by 3-inch cubes. Poke a hole through each piece of foam. Start assembling the legs by tying a knot at the end of the rope or wire, threading the foam through so that it sits just above the knot and placing one of the 8-inch pots over the foam. Next, place a piece of foam against the bottom of this pot, and place another pot on top of the foam so that it overlaps with the first pot. Add more pots until there are six in total. Add another pot to the top of the leg facing the other way, so the bottom of two pots touch. Next, string a piece of Styrofoam into the pot, and place six more pots on the string going the other way. Before cutting the rope, move the two sets of opposite facing pots apart by a foot.

Follow the same process with the 6-inch pots to make the arms. Create the "body" in the desired place by stringing a knotted rope through the bottom of an upright 12-inch pot and then placing another 12-inch pot upside down over it. Fasten the legs around the body by looping the middle segment of rope around the bottom of the body and knotting it if needed. Wrap the rope that sits between the arms around the rope that comes out from the top of the body to hold those in place. Thread this rope that comes out of the body through the 10-inch pot, and tie a knot to hold it in place.