How Do You Make a Flower Out of Ribbon?

How Do You Make a Flower Out of Ribbon?

To make a flower out of ribbon, fold ribbon ends to the middles, glue them in place, layer the ribbons one on top of another, and add a button in the center. You need a hot glue gun, a ruler, scissors, ribbon and a button.

  1. Cut the ribbon

    Cut eight 6-inch pieces of ribbon. The ribbon length needs to be twice the size of the flower. A 6-inch piece of ribbon makes a 3-inch flower. For a bigger flower, use a 8- or 10-inch piece of ribbon.

  2. Fold the ribbon

    Place a dot of glue in the middle of each ribbon. Fold both ends to the middle, making sure they adhere to the hot glue. These are the petals of the flower.

  3. Layer the ribbon

    Place one ribbon horizontally on the workspace in front of you. Add glue to the center where the ends meet. Place another ribbon with the folded ends up centered vertically on the first ribbon. You should now have a cross shape.

  4. Add the rest of the ribbons

    Glue the rest of the ribbons to the ribbon directly underneath it, offsetting the petals so that they are staggered around the flower.

  5. Glue on the button

    In the middle of the top ribbon, add another dot of glue. Press the button into place. Allow it to dry.