How Do You Make a Flower Crown?

How Do You Make a Flower Crown?

To make flower crown, wrap real or silk greenery and flowers around green floral wire. It takes only about 15 minutes.

  1. Gather supplies

    Purchase floral wire and a bouquet's worth of flowers and filler. If using real flowers, buy them on the same day you make and wear the crown. Use fake flowers if you want to wear the crown more than once. Other than wire, scissors or bi-pass pruners are the only tools needed.

  2. Measure the crown

    Cut about 24 inches of wire and wrap it around the head to determine the size of the crown. The crown can sit higher on the head like a tiara or across the forehead. Depending on its location, the size of the crown varies. Pinch the wire where it meets, and wrap the ends around the wire circle to secure the crown.

  3. Cover the crown

    Use floral filler or greenery to cover the wire. Use additional wire to wrap around the greenery and secure it to the crown. Wrap the wire strategically and use the flowers and leaves to obscure it. Handle the filler and greenery carefully to avoid breaking any stems or flowers.

  4. Add the flowers

    Once the crown is covered in greenery, trim the stems with scissors and add flowers in the same fashion by wrapping wire around the stems and the crown. Keep the flowers positioned on the outside of the crown to avoid having them damaged when the crown is placed on the head. Add as many flowers as you like.