How Do You Make Flower Arrangements for Vases?


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To create a floral vase arrangement, you need four types of flowers, two types of foliage, a pair of florist's scissors and a vase. Follow a few simple steps to create a beautiful and attractive floral arrangement.

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How Do You Make Flower Arrangements for Vases?
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First, cut the stems of the flowers and foliage at an angle. Once they are ready to be arranged, fill a vase with water. If the vase is translucent, try adding a sterilizing tablet to the bottom.

Begin the arrangement with the foliage. Choose about three pieces of foliage, and cut them slightly shorter than the rest of the foliage. Situate the stems so that they fall against the sides of the vase in a fan shape, then add the second type of foliage to the arrangement. They should be placed between the first stems, and they should be a bit taller and toward the back of the vase.

Once the foliage is arranged, it's time to add the flowers. Start with the type that has the largest flower heads. The flowers toward the front of the vase should be shorter, with the flowers at the back of the vase being taller. Insert each flower into the vase at an angle, and readjust until the desired aesthetic is achieved. As different varieties of flowers are added, try to place them in areas with gaps in the design.

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