How Do You Make Floating Lanterns?

How Do You Make Floating Lanterns?

To make a floating lantern, decorate a paper bag, fill it with sand, attach a piece of foam to the bottom, place the candle inside, light the candle and launch the lantern. Making a floating lantern takes roughly 15 minutes and requires 1-inch thick foam, a paper bag, 2 cups of sand, silicone, paint, paintbrushes and a votive candle.

  1. Decorate the bag

    Floating lanterns traditionally feature wishes painted on the side. Use paint and a paint brush to transcribe wishes, if desired. Alternatively, paint attractive designs on the sides.

  2. Fill the bag

    If it is decorated, wait for the paint to dry. Open the bag, and pour 2 cups of sand into the bottom of the bag. The sand holds the candle in place and improves the bag's stability in the water.

  3. Prepare the Styrofoam

    Cut the foam into a 12-inch square. Squeeze a dime-sized amount of silicone onto the middle of the square.

  4. Attach the foam

    Place the sand-filled bag squarely on the Styrofoam. Press down so the silicone adheres to the bottom of the bag. Allow the silicone to set for 30 minutes.

  5. Insert the candle

    Place the votive candle inside the bag, and push it into the sand. Make sure it's centered in the bag. Use a flameless battery-operated votive candle for safety.

  6. Float the lantern

    If using a traditional votive, light the candle just before launching. Otherwise, turn on the flameless battery-operated votive. Carefully set the lantern foam-side down on the water, steadying it so it floats.