How Do You Make a Flipbook?

How Do You Make a Flipbook?

To make a flipbook, start at the back of the book, and draw a series of images in a sketchbook. A small, thick sketchbook with lightweight pages works best as a flipbook.

  1. Buy or make a sketchbook

    Purchase a sketchbook that is about 3 by 5 inches. In order for the pages to flip, the cover needs to be flexible, the back must be rigid, and the pages should be lightweight and slightly transparent. To make your own book, trim and bind copy paper. For the binding, you can use glue, a binder clip or industrial staples.

  2. Draw the first frame

    The first drawing should be on the bottom, since it is easier to flip the pages of a book from the back cover to the front. Because the binding and the fingers obscure part of the page while flipping, keep the drawings toward the bottom-right half of the page.

  3. Layer pages and create more drawings

    Add a new page on top of the last drawing. If you are creating a motion sequence, trace the previous image with a pencil, and make fine adjustments to change the image slightly. Keep drawing pages until the motion is complete. Some flipbooks are just a random sequence of similar images, so feel free to experiment.