How Do You Make Flint and Steel in "Minecraft"?


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To make flint and steel in Minecraft, you need one iron bar and one piece of flint. It's a good idea to craft this item if you plan to venture into the Nether, since a flint and steel is vital for re-lighting portals which have been deactivated.

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  1. Collect iron

    Iron ore is found in veins underground. Simply look for the yellow-orange colored ore in rock walls, and mine it using a stone, iron, or diamond pickaxe. Wooden or gold pickaxes will destroy the block but will not yield any iron.

  2. Collect flint

    Flint is acquired by harvesting gravel blocks. Around one in 10 gravel blocks will drop flint when destroyed. Use a shovel to harvest the gravel for best efficiency, although a pickaxe will work as well.

  3. Craft flint and steel

    First, you will need to smelt your iron ore into an iron bar at a furnace. Then, open a crafting table or your character's crafting menu, and place the iron bar and flint into it. If you are using the four-space crafting menu, place the iron bar in one corner and the flint diagonally opposite it. In a nine-space crafting table, any diagonal orientation should produce the desired effect. Once the flint and steel appears in the result box, simply retrieve it, and place it in your inventory.

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